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HOMES IN THE HILLS - A company founded by Francesco Labricciosa, an Entrepreneur, a Businessman, and a Visionary.


Francesco started working on construction sites at a young age and although he chose a career that brought him success outside of the construction industry, his true passion remained unchanged throughout his life: the passion of creating quality homes. Today, Francesco has worked in all aspects of the home building business. His wealth of experience includes on-site, hands-on along with project management and business aspects of the industry.  Francesco is in the business of building dreams… according to the specific architectural demands of his clientele.


Homes in the Hills takes pride in both building a diversified palette of unique, custom homes and preserving the natural environment.  The homes become a living part of the scenic beauty and its surrounding landscape. The result is an energy-efficient home that is expressly yours, attractive, durable, timeless, and in harmony with the expansive scenery.


Homes in the Hills offers every aspect of the custom home building experience, from acquiring the perfect land, meticulous planning and customized design to building and closing that is driven by quality and an exceptional customer service. At Homes in the Hills we listen to your ideas and transform your vision into a reality. Creating your home with us in terms of design, customization, and pricing will become all exciting parts of the process.  To ensure superior standards are met Homes in the Hills maintains open communication with all of our customers from start to finish.  You, the client, will be working side-by-side as a partner with Homes in the Hills to design and create the perfect home you've always dreamt of, exactly the way you envision it, on any piece of property in the area. With Homes in the Hills there are virtually no limits on what you can do, no restraints. Whatever you want in your dream home, we will assist you in making it happen.


When you choose Homes in the Hills you are choosing dedication, exceptional quality, superior design of character and charm, and an outstanding attention to customer’s vision and needs.  

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